KurtzPel Guide


In general, the game reminded me of a few games that I had played before when I first played them.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
S4 League
Blade & Soul

Of course, we can say that these games are not at all similar, because all of the above games, except for the S4 League, can be called mmorpg.
Anyway, let's get started with our guide without giving any more ideas about the game.

First Introduction to the Game

When we first enter the game, a screen welcomes us and we select play game server.

Then a very detailed character creation screen meets us, and after creating our character according to our minds, here comes a selection screen and we can select the character that we created and enter the game.

Supply Fund

Although all items in the game are cosmetic products, you can remove items for your character from the supply chest. Of course, you will not have any pros or cons in terms of the gameplay of the products you have removed, we can say that the game is based entirely on talent.

Basic and Advanced Level are divided into two chests, I recommend you to open the advanced level. You must have 6,000 CP and 3,000 Ap to open the basic chest.
In order to open an advanced chest, it needs to be 18,000 CP and 15,000 AP

Hero Fighter Activities

This allows you to make friends with NPCs and allows NPCs to give you things later.

NPCs in the game items "R" key, then "A" key and press the mause left key, press next "Relationship" section, you can look.

Book of Wisdom

You can use your wisdom book to level your items or change the color of your items.

Honor Stone

Honor stone is best player listed archive.

Question (Task) Map

You can start matches where you see the Task Map. After opening the task map, you can select any task on the right and perform these tasks.

The item on the right side below the ap and cp shows the item that the task is likely to give to you, and the "%" section below that item picture shows the rate at which that item falls.
So for the wing you see in Gürsel I have a 3% chance of dropping, but this may vary depending on the difficulty of your task.

The sign that looks like the angel wing in the picture shows how many times you can resurrect your character in that mission. Unfortunately, this right of resurrection is given to all of you as a team, and as a team, you cannot be resurrected more than 2 or 4 times.

Dance and Movements

By pressing CTRL key in the game, you can select your desired dance movement by scrolling the circle in the resulting circle and interact with your friends visually in the game.

Training (Exercise) Map

Combo is a map where you can try the game, and this place is completely unique to you as you want you can do comfortable combo practice and improve yourself.

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